Yasuko Nakamura, Guatemalan textiles
Zoom Lecture

8 times in total

Yasuko Nakamura, Textiles in Guatemala   Zoom Lecture

The records from 2010 to 2020
Traveler Yasuko Nakamura
All 8 times will be held every other month from June 2022
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Where is Guatemala? What kind of national costumes are there? How do they weave it ?
Guatemala is a country that we feels nostalgic even though it is a distant country on the other side of our country on this planet.

Let's enjoy the woven life together while receiving bright lights and looking at costumes full of beautiful colors.

We will introduce Guatemalan national costumes full of stylish geometric patterns of birds, dogs, and even imaginary animals.

We will explain the characteristics of the national costume of each village, the story related to the pattern, and the technique for making the pattern.
We will be showcasing the costumes of about 16 villages.
I hope that you will take this opportunity to feel the national costumes and textiles of Guatemala up close.

"Yasuko Nakamura, Textiles of Guatemala" will be held

Every other month, 2nd Friday of the month 19:00〜21:00

Hold using Zoom

1st Session June 10, 2022 Mechanism of backstrap loom in Guatemala (basic form)

What to use for weaving
Four-sides selvage
The way to keep width
Plain weaves   The knack of good weaving
Examples of hand-woven national costumes
Weepil (women's jacket)
Sinta (headdress)
Faha (belt)
Perahe (shawl)
Corte (skirt)
Sute (all-purpose cloth )
Men's national costumes

 The second Session August 12, 2022 Techniques of Textiles in Guatemala (Single-sided brocaded Weaving)

Introduction to several villages using single-sided brocading weaves
- San Andrés Semetabah Village- Armolonga Vollage
・Aguas Calientes Village ・San Juan
Kotzal Village

The third session October 14, 2022 Techniques of Textiles in Guatemala (Single-sided brocaded Weaving and Winding Techniques)

- San Luca Triman Village - Nevaf Village
- Colotenango Village - Sacualpa Village

The fourth session December 9, 2022 Guatemalan Weaving Techniques (Double-sided brocaded Weaving )

・Nawara Village           Changes in Nawara Village costumes

The 5th Session February 10, 2023 Guatemalan Weaving Techniques (Double-sided brocaded weaving )

- Chikirichapa Village - Chahuru Village
- Shera Village
- San José Poacil Village
- San Juan Zacatepequez Village (double-sided brocading weave)

The 6th session  April 14, 2023  Techniques of Guatemalan textile

- Santa Maria de Jesús village (complex type)
- Santiago Atitlan Village (multi heddle tyoe)

The 7th session  June 9, 2023 Embroidered national costume    Landa (how to sew two pieces of cloth together)

Belts, headdresses, small cloths, etc.

The 8th session  August 11, 2023 Hand-spun tools

Brown Cotton     Wool

Lecturer Yasuko Nakamura   

In 1994, at the age of 28, she started weaving for the first time in a weaving class near her home. (4 harness)
During her eight-year stay in Italy from 1995 to 2003, she studied intermittently with Ms. Grazierla Guidotti.
She learned the know-how of industrial design using more than 8 harness, became interested in cloths and old textiles rooted in life in Europe, and began to collect them.
While in Italy, she had the opportunity to take a Navajo weaving class from a Navajo mother and daughter (Sarah and Tanaba) and was shocked to know that ethnic textiles have their lives and backgrounds in the weavers.
After returning to Japan, she presided over the textile class, STUDIO TESSLE, at home
After that, she traveled to England, the Baltic countries, Vietnam, Poland, the United States, etc. in search of textiles.
In 2010, She went to Guatemala in Central America for the first time. She went there every year until 2020 to learn  the technique of weaving with only sticks, and collected textiles, tools, and materials.
Going to Guatemala was also forced to quit  due to the corona virus pandemic, but she has been able to spend a lot of time at home to classify drawings and materials until today.
She has been acting in the Guatemalan Mayan Weaving Study Group ARTEORI (Instagrum).

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