Silk lecture     From silkworm to silk
Profile of the lecturer, Nobue Higash

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Nobue Higashi

Nobue Higashi

Zoom lcture Silk thread lecture  
From silkworm to silk thread

Profile of the lecturer
Details and application form for silk lecture

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Zoom lcture Silk thread lecture  
From silkworm to silk thread

Profile of the lecturer
Details and application form for silk lecture

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Ukiyo-e,Women reeling silk in the Edo period

Ukiyo-e,Women reeling silk in the Edo period

Preparatory Silk lecture

"My life changing encounter with silk in Kyoto"

1. About Sanshikan, my workshop
2. Memorable encounter with silk in Kyoto
3. My life changing experience, hand -reeled silk in Akagi
4. Working at a silk reeling mill and becomming an independent  manufactuer
5. In-house production of cocoons
6. Introduction to following lectures
Recorded movie of Pre-Silk Lecture with English title and audio

1. The first lecture   Silk, raw silk and degummed silk thread  
Varieties of silk

Varieties of silk

2022 November 17

1. 1. Varieties and charactristics of threads 
(1) Natural fibres and synthetic ones
(2) Filament fibres and staple fibres
(3) Kibiso(frison) and bisu
(4) Wild silkworm threads
(5) Raw silk, thrown silk, and degummed silk
1. 2. Floss silk and spun threads
1. 3. Size of fibres, denier, and count

Recorded version of Silk lecture No. 1 with English titles and audio is available as follows.


Recorded version of Silk lecture No.1

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Silk Lecture No.1 2022/11/17

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2. Sericulture(the first part)
Ukiyo-e, women reeling silk in the Edo period.

Ukiyo-e, women reeling silk in the Edo period.

2023 January 17

2. 1. History of sericulture(ancient time)
2. 2. The development of sericultural technique
(1) Technical books
(2) Ukiyo-e
2. 3. Open the country and mass- production thchniques
(1) Raise worms in a worm environment
(2) Raise worms in a cool environment
(3) Feed worms on mulberry
(4) Utilize the first filial hybrid
2. 4. Sericulture in nowadays
(1) Silk industry in the world
(2) The present situation inJapan
(3) The production areas in Japan
Tsumugi, Meisen, and Chirimen etc
2. 5.The varieties of silkworms
(1) The original strain and the hybrid one
(2) Normal strain, Koishimaru, and the strain originated with Gunma prefecture

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3. Sericulture(The later part)
A man carrying a bundle of mulberry branches on his shoulder

A man carrying a bundle of mulberry branches on his shoulder

2023 3/14

3. 1. Processes of sericulture
(1) Silkmorm eggs industry
(2) Raise young silkworm
(3) Sericulture farmer
(4) Silk reeling industry
3. 2. Mulberry
(1) Varieties of mulberry
(2) How to grow mulberry
3. 3. How to raise silkworms
(1) young silkworm
(2) adult silkworm
(3) place silkworms in straw beds
(4) making cocoons


4. cocoon
Varieties of cocoons

Varieties of cocoons

2023 5/16

4. 1. Varieties of cocoons
(1) Wild silkworm and domesticated silkworm
(2) reeling of Japanese oak silkworm
(3) Original strain and F1hybrid
(4) Gene recombination silkworm
4. 2. Grade of cocoon 
(1) High grade, middle grade, and low grade 
(2) Raw cocoon, dried cocoon

5. Processes, threads to textile
reeling wheel

reeling wheel

2023 7/18

5. 1.
(1) degumming of coccn, degumming of yarn, and degumming of textile
(2) yarn dyeing, piece dyeing
5. 2. Silk reeling mill
(1) Machine-reeled silk, doupion filature, hand-reeled silk
(2) Situation of silk reeling mill
(3) Spun silk, unevenly spun silk, so called hand spun
5. 3. Twisting threads factory
(1) Situation of twisting threads factory
(2) Yarn doubling
(3) Twist time
(4) What specification means
5. 4. Degumming and dyeing
(1) Degumming with Alkali, acid, and enzyme
5. 5. Weaving

6. History of silk reeling techniques

2023 9/19

6. 1. Before the Edo period
6. 2. Silk reeling technique in the Edo period
(1) Osyu hand-reeling, Jyosyu hand-reeling
6. 3. The Meiji period
(1) Improved hand reelimg instrument
        stepping, doubling, and multiple 
6. 4. Nowadays
(1) Automatic reeling machine, characteristic of domestic reeling mill

7. Hand reeled silk(The first part)

2023 11/14

7. 1. What is hand reeling?
7. 2. Hand reeling in Gunma prefecture
(1) Kibuchi-shichi
(2) jyosyu- minami-sanjya
(3) Hand-reeling in Akagi

8. Hand-reeled silk(The later part)

2024 1/16

8. 1. Akagiyama hand-reeling culture
(1) So called Kuroito, Obaito
(2) The scene of an older woman is hand reeling
(3) Takao Tajima, Jyuichi Shibazaki
8. 2. Characteristic of hand-reeled silk
(1) Differences between hand -reeled silk and machine-made one